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Basic Immune Support

The cornerstone of any protocol that supports the immune system is micronutrients (ie. vitamins & minerals) the immune system uses as co-factors. The list at the bare minimum includes Vitamin C, A, E, Zinc, Calcium, and Magnesium Citrate. In the 2nd category of nutrients are those that help regulate the immune system and/or have anti-inflammatory effects. These are vit D, Omega 3s, and probiotics.


Given that we do not know when we will get sick my recommendation is to have the above supplements in our draw so when you need them are handy.


How much do you need to take and for how long?

  1. The dosages in multivitamins are a joke which is why I suggest you refrain from purchasing them.
  2. Therapeutic dosages are in most instances A LOT higher than the one mentioned in the box. At the same time, each individual may require a slightly different amount. In the recommendations link below you can get an idea of what the starting point should be.
  3. If you feel you are getting sick, chances are you need a lot of support. Those that supplement and eat correctly, it is not uncommon to go past the flu in no time (even overnight). Even after you feel better it is worth supplementing for 1-3 days at lower dosages.

Suggested brands, and dosages.


Peripheral Neuropathy

Suggested Supplements, and dosages



For Nasal infections




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