Values Identification Exercise

It is my firm belief that nothing will allow us to stay centered more than knowing ourselves. To know ourselves means to know what we stand for. A lot of people when answering this question though will give generic answers that do not reflect the way they live. Most people will almost try to guess the correct answer to this question, but in the process miss the opportunity to understand who they truly are. This exercise was developed to help you understand what your values are❗️

1. The 3 most important things in your life?
2. Where do you spend most of your time on?
3. What energises you most?
4. Where do you spend most of your money on?
5. In which areas of your life you are most organised?
6. In which areas of your life you are most disciplined in?
7. What do you mostly think about?
8. What you are mostly inspired by?
9. What do you enjoy most speaking about?
10. Which areas you enjoy educating yourself in?

Having identified your values you can now take action steps to live a life congruent with them. As a being with free will you can:

• change your values if you wish

• rebalance yourself any time you feel out of center

• understand others

• neutralize events from your past that carry a charge

• life an inspiring life

For each of these, there are exercises you can practice. I will be happy to talk them through with you if you wish❗️