Pre Bed Protocol

The quality of your sleep will depend on how you have spent the entire day, but most definitely on what you did in the hours leading up to sleep.

TitleIn a nutshell
Pre bed FeeedingThe sooner the finish dinner, the better.
Pre bed Lifestyle protocolIs your pre bed routine supporting a good night's sleep?
Pre bed BreathingIf you change your breathing pattern prior to falling asleep you can improve the quality of your sleep.


Sleeping Hygiene

Your bedroom’s environment will determine how peaceful or disrupted your sleep will be.


Post Sleep Protocol

The moment you wake up, you may think that sleep is over but the reality is you have just started a new cycle which will end up in bed again. The way you start the day will determine how you will spend it but also whether you are looking forward to waking up.

TitleIn a nutshell
Post Sleep Lifestyle routineAre you having a morning routine that support the much needed production of cortisol?
Post sleep Breathing routineA breathing exercise when you wake up can prepare your body and mind for a great start.