When it comes to regulating our Blood Glucose (BG) it is necessary to measure it. Otherwise not only we are guessing but we also rely on our “gut feeling” which is uneducated. I cannot count how many times clients of mine thought they had low BG the 1st week they start measuring and they were surprised to see it through the roof.

The reality is that when intuition is correct:  ie. one feels significant fluctuations in their energy & mood due to fluctuations in the BG, they are way into prediabetic if not the diabetic territory.

However, measuring one’s BG is not enough to regulate it. He needs to know why the fluctuations occur and how to respond.

The Logistics9 things you should know when you start monitoring your Blood Glucose
The macronutrients6 elements to consider when it comes to macronutrient allocation
Lessons not mentioned in books1. Be a researcher 2. Keep an eye on packaged healthy foods and 3 more.