Can headstand be pain-free? Headstand (also known as Shirshasana) is an inversion where the practitioner is balancing on his head.
Ice baths
The popularity of cold exposure has increased since 2017 in continental Europe, US & Australia through the work of Wim
breathing in yoga
The way you breathe during a yoga class is affected by many parameters including : • our level of experience
supplements for vitiligo
Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition and as such certain dietary protocols as well as supplements can be used to support
The only way you can get a definite YES or a NO for Celiac Disease (CD) is by doing an
(Updated: 17th Oct 2018) Vitiligo (also called "leukoma") is an autoimmune condition where loss of pigment from areas of the
Vitamin B12 is common and unfortunately one cannot rely on serum vitamin B12 to detect a deficiency. Vitamin B12 is
  Updated: 26 Sep 2018   This article is written with deep respect in the process of fasting and consciousness
According to the Selfish Brain theory our brain has a series of (hierarchically ordered) mechanisms in place to maintain constant