The following category of exercises can serve as a guideline to build a breathing program.

MorningDuring the dayBefore bed
NS Down-regulation↑ CO2 Walking /Endurance CardioNS Down-regulation
CO2 Τraining↓ O2 Dynamic CardioGentle CO2 Τraining
NS Up-regulationFlexibility
Core Conditioning

At the bottom of the page, you can find a list of relaxing breathing audios. While I would not necessarily classify them as breathwork, you may still enjoy practicing them and find them useful in periods of anxiety.


NS Down-regulation

CO₂ Training


Exercises for Rhythmic Breathing

Exercises for the Nervous System

Wim Hof Breathing



ps: When developing a breathing training program 3 things need to be taken into consideration:

• Your goals

• Your current respiratory capacity. This depends on:

••• your biochemical sensitivity

••• your biomechanics (ie. anatomy)