According to the Selfish Brain theory our brain has a series of (hierarchically ordered) mechanisms in place to maintain constant
histamine intolerance
Updated: 28 Jan 2019   Histamine is a hormone involved in digestion, immune & nervous system function. While anti-histamine drugs
It's not every day that you meet a 20 times Guinness record holder. When you come to meet him though
Type 2 Diabetes & Alzheimer's
THE LINK BETWEEN TYPE 2 DIABETES AND ALZHEIMERS DISEASE The 1st case of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) was reported in 1906
Updated: 17 April 2017 “ Is my erectile dysfunction linked to stress ?” is a question most men would intuitively
From Amsterdam's coffee shops to the Brazilian favelas and from Ethiopia to Seattle, coffee is adored by millions. Aside from
Those of you that have visited a GP for stomach pain might be familiar with the following diagnosis: "Stomach ulcers