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Breathwork is the practice of respiratory & physical exercises, aiming to improve one’s ability to control the breath. The 2 pillars of breathwork are: hypercapnia & hypoxia. It can be used to:

a. improve control of the Autonomic Nervous System (Improve body temperature control, activation of the Sympathetic or Parasympathetic Nervous System, slow down Heart Rate)

b. delivery of oxygen to working muscles and biomechanics during exercise (Release tension around the diaphragm, strengthen the diaphragm, improve oxygen delivery to working muscles during exercise, accelerate recovery time after training)

c. unconscious breathing (Improve respiratory function by enhancing Carbon Dioxide tolerance)

d. enter meditation (Help you enter into an empty state of mind)

Breathwork can be practiced in conjunction with physical exercises: dynamic; or on its own: static.

Under this category you will find articles discussing the use of breathwork through the Yoga tradition (Pranayama), Buteyko Method, and modern systems such as the Wim Hof Method. My aim is not to get stuck in the method but look into the effects each technique has on the body on a biochemical, biomechanical, and psychological level.

If you are interested in the role breathing plays in the Nervous System you should sign up for the #FreeBreathing mini-course.

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CO2 Breathing Therapy is breathing training for those with chronic or acute dysfunctional breathing aiming to reduce the associated physical, mental and psychological symptoms that accompany it. Due to the pivotal role Carbon Dioxide has in the use of Oxygen, CO2 Breathing Therapy can also improve patients’ metabolic function.   Most people know CO2 as…

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