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Breathe Right 5 day Training


Those that want to excel mentally and physically need to optimise the delivery of oxygen to their muscles & brain.





Those that want to excel mentally and physically need to optimize the delivery of oxygen to their muscles & brain. Not doing so can result in poor sleep, inability to concentrate, low energy levels, and compromised metabolism.

Why you need this course:

4 Breathing Exercises

  • More important than which breathing exercises you practice, it is to practice the ones you choose correctly. You will be guided through all the breathing exercises you need to practice.
  • There are many calming breathing exercises but some will only achieve a temporary effect. For this reason, I have chosen for you the ones that can help you stay calm for hours after your practice.

5 Postural workouts

  • Because of the intimate link between posture and breathing, postural alignment cannot be overlooked when it comes to breath training. With the sequences you will be provided you will strengthen your core, work on your shoulder mobility, and lower back health.

Breathing Assessment

  • You will know that you are breathing right when you can improve your respiratory capacity in a quantifiable way. Give yourself this self-improvement challenge.

Ongoing Support

  • Receive all the support you need in this new journey. I will be personally answering any questions you have, through the comment sections of the instructional videos. You deserve to succeed in this endeavor.



You can improve the quality of your breath when you are not conscious of it, only if you train your respiratory capacity!


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