If you feel too stiff or intimidated to practice yoga let me tell you :

“In 2010 I would argue that yoga is just for relaxation and an activity most suitable for women!”

Yoga has helped people for 1,000s of years: get flexible, improve their resilience to stress, recover from injuries, and develop the proverbial: Mind / Body connection. If you put in the work there is no doubt you will experience the same benefits. By investing 2 to 4 hours a week, you will:

• stop feeling stiff first thing in the morning

• improve the quality of your sleep

• stop feeling constantly overwhelmed.

Wherever you stand at the moment, physically or mentally, it is only a matter of practicing the relevant program to achieve your goals. The work I do with each of my clients varies significantly depending on their lifestyle, injuries, and experience with yoga & breathwork. In the following 2 videos you can see the work we did we Paul & Katia.

My approach

1. Assess

Identify your body’s primary imbalances and current respiratory capacity.


2. Practice

Prioritize your goals, determine the appropriate regularity and intensity of your practice. When appropriate I use exercises from the Pilates repertoire on the mat or reformer machine.

3. Progress

Recover from injuries & develop a yoga practice long term.

You are likely to enjoy practicing with me if you :

  • are willing to practice yoga poses (within a vinyasa sequence or individually) which will progressively be more challenging with the aim to improve your flexibility or correct muscular imbalances
  • are interested to identify your body’s main strengths and limitations in all directions the joints can move
  • are interested to learn which alignment is currently suitable for your body in the main yoga poses (ie. lunges, backbends, arm-balances)
  • want to recover within a few months (depending on the severity) from a lower back or shoulder injury
  • want to learn how to invert (ie. headstand, forearm-stand, handstand)
  • want to improve your breathing based on breathwork that has been researched & scientifically shown to enhance cellular oxygenation
  • are interested in getting ongoing support & feedback in your yoga practice via WhatsApp and a monthly progress report

Featured in

yoga“Anastasis is clearly a very skilled yoga teacher, strong and knowledgeable in other forms of exercise. My finance and I have now had around 12 one hour private sessions with Anastasis and we both really enjoy them and feel we have noticeably improved. Anastasis is a very patient and flexible teacher yet he moves the classes along at a good pace so that we always feel we are learning something new and challenging ourselves. We lead a very busy lifestyle and our sessions with Anastasis help us to clear our minds and feel relaxed. I would highly recommend him as a yoga teacher.” Rebeca Greenwood | Marketing Manager

Not practicing yoga can :

  • Increase your risk of injury
  • Decrease the range of movement in the hip & shoulder joints (a common sign of ageing)
  • allow muscular imbalances to develop
  • contribute to poor coordination & low self-esteem
  • lead to reduction in spine articulation (often a contributing factor to lower back pain) 

Through yoga I promise you that you can :

  • help develop a sense of calmness & vitality
  • strengthen neuromuscular connections
  • improve your proprioception (esp. through inversions)
  • improve digestive health, mood & quality of sleep