You can recover & prevent injuries by merging yoga & strength work.

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Injury recovery & prevention demand an improvement in posture.

By practicing yoga and strength exercises, I have full faith that you can improve your posture and stay injury-free. Your protocol will depend on your biomechanics & available time to exercise. Since 2012 I have seen the principles of yoga for injury recovery working wonders, especially when combined with strength work.




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The process

1. Assess

Identify your body’s primary imbalances & weak links. To achieve that we will perform a series of assessments to measure your joint’s range of movement and muscles’ strength capacity.

2. Practice

Prioritize your goals, determine the appropriate regularity and intensity of your practice. When appropriate I provide you with exercises from the Pilates repertoire (mat & reformer machine) or with weights.

3. Progress

Recover from injuries & develop a yoga practice long term. Your goals are likely to change over time which is important to be reviewed every 2 months.



The Benefits

✔️ Understand your body’s patterns & their link to your history & current lifestyle

✔️ Practice tested & proven exercises to restore & further stabilize your body’s structure & function

✔️ Develop a long term yoga practice to help you maintain a healthy body


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