In this page I will be discussing: muscles, joints, movements in the hip / knee axis. The topic is huge and thus material will be gradually added here. The 1st topic will be the knee.

Knee Health

One of the first things they teach us when we learn how to drive is how to stop the car. It might even be the case that you learned how to break prior to accelerating and this in my opinion is a good idea.

The way we apply the breaks from walking, running + the way we set our body prior to jumping or kicking is by contracting the muscle at the front of our shin called tibialis anterior. A lot of people learn about it due to shin splints. Injuries in this muscle can result in pain across the shin or the big toe.

In this video you can watch the simple & very efficient exercise to strengthen your tibialis anterior (without any equipment).

Why is tibialis anterior important for knee health?

For many people when the knee moves over their toes the ligaments and muscles surrounding the knee are not strong enough to support the position. A strong tibialis anterior will provide us with a lot more control, helping us maintain the knee flexion only to the degrees we can tolerate.

Preparation for Tuesday’s class

If you coming to the online class on Tuesday 29th of Sep 18:30-19:30 and you have time perform 3 sets of 30 reps of tibialis anterior raises beforehand.