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Psychology of Handstand Training & Basic Principles

The 4 elements of HandstandsAlways true. Very important to know when you start.
Are we there yet?Important until you learn the lesson.
Handstand is a skillUntil all the basics are covered (which takes a few years).
Focus on the outcomeAlways.


The Setup of the 🔑 Joints in Handstand

JointAdaptation time

WristsOn average it takes 6months to 1 year of regular practice for the wrists joints to be conditioned and experience minimal pain. However some individuals will be significantly more sensitive to wrist pain. If that's you you should first assess and if necessary address wrist mobility. To do so check out this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgISqUxdPzo
NeckIt will not take long to figure out how to set up your head in a handstand.
ShouldersControlling the setup of the shoulders is the equivalent of controlling the handstand itself. As your handstand practice will evolve the demands on your shoulders will increase. Embrace the process.


Elementary Handstands

EnduranceThere will always be a need to increase your holding time with every new handstand position you learn.


Straddle Press Drills

Jump into a pike straddlePrerequisite: a comfortable 20 sec pike straddle hold.
Press from an elevated surfacePrerequisite: jump into a pike straddle