Breathwork is the backdoor to our Nervous System. Practicing 15 mins of breathwork daily can enhance your cognitive & metabolic function.

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Do breathwork to control your Brain / Nervous System

Most people go through their entire life paying little attention to breath. Yet breath not only is synonymous with life but to a big extent controls the way our nervous system (mind) works as well as our metabolism. You can benefit from a breathing class if you :

  • are dealing with high levels of stress, anxiety or panic attacks
  • are suffering from insomnia, obstructive sleeping apnea or snoring
  • have low levels of energy, chronic fatigue
  • practice endurance sports



BreathWork“In just a few hours I understood how the breath and cold water can fire up the metabolism, increase mitochondria, brown fat and regulate hormones. This was all testament to the structure of the course and your delivery. Thanks to your encouragement and mentoring.” Melanie Hamilton | Actress


Breathing Classes are structured as follows :

  • Measure current respiratory capacity (ie. Controlled Pause, Breathlessness test)
  • 10 mins of improving the 5 qualities of breathing
  • 30 mins of developing respiratory function through hypoxic and hypercapnic breathing exercises. For athletes this involves breathing during physical drills relevant to their sport
  • 10 mins of spine/shoulder mobilisation & abdominal activation exercises to support respiration on a neuromuscular level
  • Breathwork to calm the nervous system or enter meditation.



Private classes are available for students online & in person in the following areas : City of London, Belsize Park and Highgate.

Investment : ad hoc classes : £95, a block of 5/10 : £450/850

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Not working on your breath will :

  • Contribute and exacerbate : stress & anxiety
  • Compromise your cognitive function through poor oxygenation of your brain
  • Cause mouth breathing
  • Contribute to developmental & behavioural problems (in children)

Working on your breath will :

  • Improve sleep
  • Accelerate recovery after training by up to 20%
  • Promote the feeling of calmness & centeredness
  • Enhance your performance in sports (ie. Oxygen Advantage)
  • Improve cardiovascular & reproductive health