Harness the power of your breath

Similar to all mental and physical skills, your breath can be trained & improve.

Why train your breath?



Independent of your current health status chances are you can practice safely breathwork and benefit from it in a measurable way.


Mental health

The way you think and the way you breathe go hand in hand. Through breathwork you can improve the function of your Nervous, Immune and Digestive systems.



Your breathing pattern reflects and affects the way you carry yourself. Breathing exercises will improve your core strength.

A unique approach

Areas of focus

Breathwork in London


Most people know intuitively how critical breathing is in periods of stress. What is often overlooked is that breathing doesn't only works as a stress relief but can equally prevent panic attacks when the appropriate training has taken place. Thinking exercises are an indispensable component of my approach.


Despite the raise in popularity of breathwork for recreational purposes its use for therapeutic reasons is still lagging. Breathing exercises can support conventional and alternative protocols not only as a stress-management tool but also by supporting the body's energy production mechanism.

Breathing techniques for running


When it comes to endurance sports, the way one breathes will be critical to his performance. Breathing as well as physical exercises can improve the athletes' respiratory function on a biochemical and biomechanics level.

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Client's Google Reviews

Darryl Hughey
"I came to Anastasis looking for help on my breathing due to my diagnosis of OSA and my problems with sleep, as well as chronic muscle tightness and pain. My case is rather special because of the complicated nature of these things, and I have spoken with several specialist. Anastasis proved to have both the knowledge, and the experience, not only of the physical capacity, but also the mental side as well. He's a true master of the human body, he's honest, and direct."
Korey Torres
Gino Perrotte
“Anastasis infuses a great blend of knowledge and energy in his teaching. I learned things about breathing that I have never known about or thought to observe before.”
Terry Dennis
Miranda Menzies
“Anastasis is a very knowledgeable and experienced teacher. For anyone interested in Ice training and incorporating WHM breathing into their routine, his workshops are the best. The day was clearly structured and he made every exercise accessible for beginners and more advanced students.”
Katy Gilmore

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