#freebreathing Workshop (CrossFit edition)

Strength & Endurance through Breath

Train your breath like your muscles and you will enhance your performance as much.

How breathwork Benefits athletes?



Control energy levels while support cellular oxygenation to your cells.



To get the most power in any movement you need to brace right.



Improve your body's ability to recover faster.

Topics Covered


What has research proven to work. Why certain techniques enhance performance and others diminish it? The x3 most important daily actions any athlete should practice.


There are 100s of breathing exercises but not all are needed. We cover the ones needed to practice and home & during training showing how the breath is currently limiting you.


It is no secrete that tightness can limit the way we move. Same applies for the way we breathe. Free your spine & shoulder mobility to release your diaphragm.


Past Workshop atendees

Mette Lindblad
"There is so much information on breathing out there but I’ve found nothing practical like this! Anastasis is one of the most knowledgable breath guides out there. In this course I love how he combines postural/body AND breathing exercises. You can rest assure that Anastasis has both the science background and skills for this work."
Korey Torres
Miranda Menzies
“Anastasis is a very knowledgeable and experienced teacher. For anyone interested in Ice training and incorporating WHM breathing into their routine, his workshops are the best. The day was clearly structured and he made every exercise accessible for beginners and more advanced students.”
Terry Dennis
Ulrich Honighausen
“This course takes the confusion out of breathwork. The exercises are a huge bonus - very well thought out, challenging and invigorating. I did the breath work and exercises a number of times on a recent transatlantic flight - you can do this anywhere - landed feeling refreshed and ready to go!!!”
Katy Gilmore