Breathwork Beyond Pranayama

Breathwork Beyond Pranayama Webinar

Thursday 27th Jul ’23

18:00-18:45 London time


Can BREATHWORK improve the QUALITY of your life?


❌ Practicing random breathing exercises is unlikely to have much of an effect and even if you feel calm straight after how long will the effect last?

✔️ Breath Training (Breathwork) can help you improve your:
• Cognitive Functions
• Emotional State
• Athletic Performance


What will be covered?

The “hidden” patterns of breathing exercises

How you can fit breathwork in your life.

What you should avoid.


Who is it for?

Movement experts & Breathwork enthusiasts will deepen their understanding and be able to modify their breathing practice accordingly.


The facilitator:

My name is Anastasis, I am a yoga teacher known for developing the breathwork certification course: “Breathing for Yoga” for Oxygen Advantage. In the last 10 years of teaching I have delivered +50 breathing workshops, in 8 countries. I am often invited to deliver the breathing module in yoga tt. I believe that breathwork is a key component of enhancing our mental, postural and metabolic functions.