Breathwork Beyond Pranayama




1st Dec ’22

18:00-19:00 London time


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A Deep Dive Into Breathwork


Is Pranayama compatible with Modern Life & Modern Breathing Techniques?


Yoga offers a big selection of breathing exercises serving as 1 of its 8 pillars (Pranayama). In recent years, new breathing techniques and systems have sparked the interest of breathwork enthusiasts, yogis, life coaches, and biohackers.

• Is the new here to substitute the old?
• Is there space for practicing both & if so how?
• Is there an efficient way of practicing breathwork that doesn’t require hours of training a day?


What will be covered?

 The “hidden” patterns of breathing exercises

How to combine Pranayama with modern breathing techniques

What you should avoid with fast breathing techniques

Who is it for?

Movement experts & Breathwork enthusiasts will deepen their understanding and be able to modify their breathing practice accordingly.

The facilitator:

My name is Anastasis, I am a yoga teacher known for developing the breathwork certification course: “Breathing for Yoga” for Oxygen Advantage. In the last 10 years of teaching I have delivered +50 breathing workshops, in 8 countries. I am often invited to deliver the breathing module in yoga tt. I believe that breathwork is a key component of enhancing our mental, postural and metabolic functions.


You will only be able to attend this event live. The slides of the presentation will not be distributed but you are welcome to take notes or screenshots.