Headshot picture of Anastasis TzanisHello, I’m Anastasis Tzanis and here’s a little bit about me and my background. From Greece to New York to London, I served in the Greek Special Forces as a paratrooper for 1-year, traded currency derivatives in New York and then London for 7 years and picked up a couple of other dopamine-driven hobbies along the way!

During my time working in banking, I noticed how detrimental stress can be on our bodies – leading to stiffness, early ageing, and injury, which led me to begin studying yoga & nutritional therapy in 2009.

I hold a diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the Institute for Optimal Nutrition (ION). After graduation I specialised in supporting patients with autoimmune conditions and cancer, primarily through the adoption of fasting diets.

My journey with yoga started with acroyoga, also known as partner yoga. In this style of yoga, the practitioners ultimately elevate the asanas off the floor with the help of each other. Within the process of this yoga practise, you need to develop body awareness, strength and of course connect with your partner. I would say that the most influential yoga lineages I have studied are Ashtanga and Dharma. From the former I learned the importance of repetition and regularity in practice, and Dharma yoga allowed me to develop a more creative approach. My understanding of yoga as a system of physical, mental, and spiritual exercise was cemented in my studies with Sri Andrey Lappa founder of Universal Yoga of which I am a teacher. Read my latest yoga blog post here.

On the breathwork side of things, the training with Wim Hof was intense and it taught me how to control my physiology in low temperatures by staying mentally centred. Whilst my studies with Patrick Mckeown has been pivotal in my understanding of breathwork and since, it has transformed the way I teach yoga. Having now been certified as a Buteyko Method and an Oxygen Advantage instructor, I wish these methods were obligatory for any yoga, meditation and personal training course.

My success has been shown from standing on the shoulders of my teachers; 3 moments I am proud of are:

• Teaching the breathing module at the HotPod Yoga Teacher’s Training since 2018

• In 2019 teaching in the wellness offsite event for the Crisis Management team of Fortune 500 company

• Starting in April 2021, I have been delivering the “Breathing in Yoga” certification course in partnership with Patrick. My latest breathwork blog posts are here.

In a nutshell, I have dedicated myself to understand and manifest the link between mind and body and the role of breath towards strengthening the connection between the two and prove that the mind and body are one on an empirical level. I don’t subscribe to a specific yoga style and rather focus on a personalised approach to yoga to help you achieve your personal goals.

I am inspired by my job, and strive to provide all my clients with an achievable, individualised protocol and full-time, reliable support throughout its implementation. Take your first step to a personalised yoga experience now and schedule an appointment to have an initial chat with me.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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