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After servicing the Greek Special Forces as a paratrooper for 1 year, trading currency derivatives in New York and then London for 7 years, and picking up a couple of other dopamine-driven hobbies along the way; in 2009 I began studying yoga & nutritional therapy. Little did I know then that this will be the start of my future profession. At the time I was feeling stiff like a log and struggled with IBS. Fast forward 3 years, in January 2012 I launched a nutritional clinic supporting patients with autoimmune conditions and cancer, primarily through the adoption of fasting diets, and taught yoga mostly to students like my old self.

During my time in the army and banking, I noticed how detrimental, operating long-term in a highly competitive environment can be. Stress is not a problem provided you know how to cope with it.

Individuals in competitive environments run a high risk of burnout. A modern, personalized approach to yoga and breathing, will help you be mentally resilient and physically flexible.

My mission is to teach people how to connect their minds and body on a practical level.

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Buteyko Method instructor

Oxygen Advantage instructor

Wim Hof Method instructor

Nutritional Therapist (from ION)

AcroYoga Montreal teacher

Universal Yoga teacher

Top 3 landmarks in my career:

• Since March 2018 I have been teaching the breathing module at the HotPod Yoga Teacher’s Training.

• In September 2019 I delivered a series of workshops in the wellness offsite event for the Crisis Management team of Fortune 500 company.

• In April 2021, I developed and since then I have been teaching the “Breathing for Yoga” course together with Patrick McKeown (founder of the Oxygen Advantage).

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