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Training & Consultations for individuals & work teams, incorporating physical exercises, nutritional advice and breathwork.

Your plan

How you will achieve your goals & build lasting health of high standards.


Set inspiring & realistic goals

While being injury or disease free at times may be priority #1, you can always set higher health standards for yourself.


Work towards them

If you wish to improve your health, be prepared to invest time and money. Casual commitment brings casual results.


Enjoy the process & the rewards

Improving your health goes beyond your physical body. Health is the cornerstone of a meaningful, productive life.


My method

You can expect a personalised, simple, structured and efficient program.

Based on my experience for a program to be successful it needs to be specific to the individual, simple enough to be adopted quickly, and have a structured framework that accelerates progress towards the ultimate goal.

My services will be most suitable for those with an analytical mind, setting high standards for themselves and who value their health for the impact it has on their family.

Why Me?

Personalised attention

About You

When it comes to training or consulting there are always 2 facts: (a) Each individual is different from everyone else (b) We are all susceptible to the same laws of nature. So while the principles I follow are always the same, no 2 sessions are identical. Your program will be unique to your current state and goals.

Minimalistic Approach

When less is more

One of the most common questions at the end of the 1st consultation is: “Is that all you want me to do?” At the end of the 4-5th session I often hear: “I cannot believe how far I have come with so small changes.”

Analytical Mind

Knowledge is power

If I learnt one thing from my years in banking, it is that wasting time and resources is unwise, to say the least. If you want to understand why you need to implement the protocols I suggest (ie. you have an analytical mind) chances are you will enjoy our sessions. It’s no coincidence that ~40% of my google reviews include the words: “Learned” & “Knowledge”. #NoTrial&Error

Safety First

Avoid set backs

It sounds like no brainer but is it (?) when so many people get injured during training or have their symptoms get worse, after adopting intense detox protocols. Safety is established by assessing one’s current state.

my Clients

companies that trusted me.

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Wrist Pain

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