Mentally Resilient . Physically Flexible

Anastasis Tzanis: Yoga Teacher in North London

“Individuals constantly striving for perfection are at risk of burnout. A modern, personalised approach to yoga, breathwork & nutrition will help you stay both physically & mentally balanced.”

Hello, I’m Anastasis Tzanis a yoga teacher based in North London. I have been studying yoga since 2009 and teaching since 2013. Instead of subscribing to a traditional style of yoga I focus on providing each of my students with a personalised approach, developed to serve their goals. Read more about my approach.

Yoga is a great vehicle to help connect your mind and body. There is nothing esoteric or mystical about yoga though. When your mind and body are connected you will be healthy and balanced, both physically and mentally. Yoga will help you move your body with ease and confidence, which is why both flexibility and strength are necessary. Yoga will help you become mentally centred in times of turbulence and develop the resilience and resources to make better decisions. The breath is a key factor to achieving all of this, which is why mastering your breath will allow you to stay consistently balanced.

In some way, the ultimate test on how connected your mind and body is will manifest in your ability to hold a handstand…I’m only joking (or maybe not).

The priorities of your yoga practice will not be established by a pre-set yoga sequence developed by someone who has never met you, but rather a customised yoga practise based on your current state, needs and lifestyle. My teaching methods also take into consideration whether you have any injuries, which will have to be addressed first (and yoga can help with that too). You will also learn to improve your breathing patterns and ultimately develop a personalised yoga practice with or without yoga inversions.

If you want a London based yoga teacher that offers custom-made private yoga sessions in your own home, in or around north London, then take your first step to a personalised yoga practise now and schedule an appointment to have an initial chat with me. I offer online classes too and I have experience in facilitating offsite corporate workshop events for teams in crisis management and trading desks. I look forward to speaking with you.

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