Yoga classes

What are private classes like?

With you as the only student the style and format of the class will be adjusted to help you:

• address your weakness / imbalances

• improve your flexibility in stubborn parts of your body

• get comfortable in poses you currently fear

• develop your yoga practice

Private yoga classes are distinctively different from group ones.


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What are your areas of expertise?

There are 3 categories of students I have taught:

• those with chronic injuries (incl. lower back, shoulder, knee, foot). Usually they have limited experience with yoga and once they recover from the injury they continue to practice yoga from preventative reasons.

• those whose practice has stagnated. They may have many years of practice, in group classes, but they have not seen progress for a while. Understanding and addressing the limitations they have allows them to get comfortable with poses that were previously not possible for them.

• inversion junkies. A lot of people get on a high from getting upside down. I am one of those. However practicing drills against the wall, often given in group classes doesn’t lead anywhere. Developing an inversions practice is one of the most empowering feelings.



What can I expect when practicing yoga with you?

The 2 things always addressed are:

• identify your weaknesses and patterns

• learn which exercises will help you progress towards your goals.

Whether you want to introduce your son to yoga or you are retired and want to benefit from the anti-aging properties of yoga I may be able to help you. In most instances I recommend my students compliment their yoga practice with Reformer Pilates, strength training and/or cardio alongside nutritional changes.

In the initial consultation I will tell you how long it will take you to notice a difference and by when you can expect to achieve your goals.




What style of yoga do you teach?

I am not attached to one teaching style which is why each of my private classes is often different from the other. As a teacher my ambition is to see my students progress. So while the style of yoga can vary:

I teach a progressive approach to yoga.


Where are you based?

My studio is based at Archway, on a quiet road, with easy access to parking. Sessions are also available online.

I have some availability for delivering sessions at other venues, in the following areas:

Hampstead Gardens, Kenwood House, Hampstead, Highgate, Belsize Park