Pincha mayurasana : Enter & Hold • Workshop

Sat 5th of Dec 10:00-12:00 am 🇬🇧 time @ Triyoga Soho & Online

Pincha Mayurasana (or forearm-stand) has a unique place among inversions due to the unique set up of the elbows and the consequence this has for the shoulders.

Similar to all inversions balance needs to be constantly negotiated which offers a challenge to our upper-body strength, shoulder and hip flexibility.  In this workshop we will cover drills which can help you develop the above physical qualities.

The workshop is 80% practice & 20% theory (to put practice into context). Participants will be given a series of drills to address the following:

1. Enter into a pincha – how to use flexibility in your advantage

2.  Identify the easiest forearm-stand line based on your anatomy

3. How to accumulate the first 20 secs of free standing

4. How to backbend in pincha

5. Walk overs in pincha

Participants will be encouraged to participate to the extent they feel comfortable. No prior handstand experience is required. Prerequisite a 1 min plank on forearms.


In-person Tickets

• £30

• 16 tickets are available to comply with COVID guidelines

Online Tickets

• £20

Every Friday for the weeks leading up to the workshop I will be sending a newsletter to those interested in inversions delving deeper into one of the following 5 aspects of Pincha! You can sign up through the form on the right.