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The ROSE Method

Do you care about your body composition?

Although I cannot see your face I can guess your response: “WHAT A STUPID QUESTION? OF COURSE I…” and some of you will say “DO” and some will say “DON’T”. For me to ask this question and have developed a method for it I obviously consider it a significant one. Not because I think that everyone needs to look like the cover model of a fashion magazine but because body composition is a great indication of health.

Science has shown body composition to be linked with the development of certain diseases (cancer been one [1]) but not others (like inflammatory bowel disease [2]). So if you are health conscious you should be only partly concerned if you have low muscle tone or excess fat, correct?

OK I suggest we keep it real. Low muscle tone and/or excess body fat is as bad for health as it is for self esteem. The view of a person with a low % of muscle mass and high % of body fat is almost the opposite of a sick one!


What can you do to improve your body composition then?

If you have ever tried to lose or put on weight I am sure you have come across numerous methods. The majority of which instructing the consumption of certain foods and performance of exercises. A lot of them are very good and they have results for some people. However the results cannot be replicated for everyone and many result in going back to where they begun a few months after they started. Which is the reason I developed the ROSE system. A structured way to build one’s health in solid foundations (ie no yoyo effects), and achieve the optimal body composition. The four steps involve:

1. Removal of pathogens

2. Optimisation of metabolism

3. Support of detoxification

4. Exercise

Removal of pathogens

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of pathogens is viruses and bacteria. I can tell you though that there is no healthy human being alive at the moment who is not hosting in her/his body both bacteria and viruses. In which case why is it important to remove pathogens and is it possible?

boy playing in the sandWhat does pathogen exposure mean for your health:

Do you remember the time when as kids you played in the sand building castles? To create a castle in the sand you used buckets. Some buckets had holes at the bottom some not. When filling a bucket with a holes a lot of the sand was lost before building your tower. That’s what happens to your body when it’s constantly exposed to pathogens. Pathogens interfere with metabolism, detoxification and as they use up body’s energy reserves they leave little energy for exercise.

Pathogens are substances which after a certain level of accumulation they can become toxic. I like to group them in 3 categories:

i. EXTERNAL: Fumes, heavy metals, pesticides, xenoestrogens as well as viruses, fungi (candida) and bacteria are all pathogens and most people would agree that they do not belong to a healthy body.

ii. FOOD: Pathogens come also in the form of food. Highly processed food such as cereal, ham, milk, crisps are pathogenic and can directly alter our physiology. At the same time food allergens also belong to this category. It is worth mentioning here that there are different types of food allergies with some requiring the permanent avoidance of food while others are a side effect of structural problems in the gut and the individuals may be able to reintroduce them in the future.

iii. INTERNAL: We also produce pathogens for our body. Destructive thoughts, persistent emotional states as well as hormones that do not get eliminated can be pathogenic. Due to the work of Candace Pert we know that thoughts and emotions manifest in molecules affecting our biochemistry as much as a drug or a vaccine.

The presence of pathogens can manifest in many ways in ones’ body and unless they are dealt with your attempt to improve your health or change your body composition will be as fruitful as a kid’s efforts trying to transfer sand using a bucket with holes in the bottom. The presence of pathogens (although not always) very often manifest in gut problems. IF YOU ARE NOT AVERAGING 2 BOWEL MOVEMENTS A DAY THE CHANCES ARE YOU ARE HOSTING TOO MANY PATHOGENS IN YOUR BODY.

Optimization of Metabolism

When people think of poor metabolism most often they think of weight issues. While this can be the case weight on its own or even BMI cannot tell if someone has a bad metabolism.


car-984159What does poor metabolism mean for your health:

Have you ever been inside an old car? Maybe you, like myself owned one at some point in your life. While an old car will take you from A to B the journey is often full of surprises. Unexpected fumes may come out of the engine, the smell of oil inside the cabin or funny noises can turn a short trip into a lifetime experience. While all parts are in place not all parts work properly. Leaks and loose cogs can result in oil and petrol going to places they shouldn’t. That’s what happens to your body when its metabolism is not functioning properly. Useful nutrients may not be absorbed and food may be converted into fat instead of energy.


For you to know if you have a bad metabolism think: Do you feel dizzy when missing a meal? Do you crave sugar after eating a main course and then feel sleepy? Dependencies on sugar and mood fluctuations more often than not mean poor optimization of metabolism. While food is necessary for life; dependency on it is not a good sign. Which is why I say that: my job is to help people get rid of their dependency on food. If we agree that adaptability is one of the main traits of survival then we should be fine with both fasting and consuming a diverse diet. IF YOU CANNOT FAST FOR 18 HOURS OR CONSUMING ONLY A VERY RESTRICTED DIET* KEEPS YOU GOING THE CHANCES ARE YOU HAVE A POOR METABOLISM.

*Restricted diets can be very useful for therapeutic purposes and I follow them both to remove pathogens and to support detoxification.



Support of Detoxification

Detoxification for most people is the green juice they consume after their yoga class. While green juices are fantastic and can support detoxification, drinking 1 or 5 glasses of cucumber, kale and celery will support your detoxification process very little.

What does support of detoxification mean for your health:

Every year around Spring and Fall with the change of the lego-568039season we turn the whole house upside down. Spring cleaning time! Do you know what I mean? It doesn’t mean that the house was particularly messy before but as soon as we start opening shelves and wardrobes we usually discover how much crap we have accumulated. That’s what happens to your body when you detoxify. You force the clearing of toxins you have accumulated. Similar to spring cleaning it requires a lot of work (especially if you’ve been messy the rest of the year) but if done properly it leaves you feeling much lighter.

Detoxification takes place in every cell of your body every day. Someone who cannot detoxify properly finds out from a hospital doctor sooner or later. However this doesn’t mean that healthy individuals cannot benefit from supporting detoxification. It’s not a coincidence that some times detox protocols make people sick. It means they are not healthy enough at first place to follow this protocol and either a softer detox protocol should be followed or the elimination of pathogens and the optimization of metabolism should take priority.




For most people the fact that exercise helps improve body composition and health is a no-brainer. While the idea is so straight forward there are still so many people that struggle with exercise despite spending tones of money on it. The chances are that either the type of exercise is not appropriate for their goal or/and their nutritional support is not right.


fem mirrorWhat does exercise mean for your health:

Remember the 1st time you got a bicycle for a birthday present? It probably had 4 wheels and my guess is that it was quite a task to cycle around. Until a few months later that you got the handle of it and a cycle in the park became the most relaxing activity. For a healthy individual physical exercise should mean challenging her body the same way her 1st bike did.

I know of no other intervention that can help people improve their body composition as much as exercise, yet so many people year in year out pay gym memberships only to look the same. The reason for that in most cases is simple: they stay within their comfort zone, so nothing happens. Both the body and the mind needs to be challenged in order to stay healthy, which is why Datis Kharrazian says “We need to be both athletes and scholars to remain healthy”.

Do you think the ROSE system is relevant for you? If so I have to tell you that NOW is a great time to implement the steps above. The availability of foods that can be used therapeutically throughout the year, the easy access to high quality (and affordable when you know what to choose) supplements and the potential help from state of the art lab tests (which can accelerate the process), allow for a unique opportunity to improve one’s body composition and health drastically. The beauty of it is that the ROSE system is a system not attached to any protocol so it is almost impossible to interfere with any other treatment. Think of it a road-map to good health and better body composition.





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