Breathwork, by changing our blood's biochemistry, can influence the function of all body's organs and systems. As oxygen is essential
It is not uncommon for runners to gas out when running. Their lungs will fail them before their legs. While
Those practicing the Wim Hof Method will benefit primarily from the progressive exposure to cold. The regular cold showers the
Breathwork is one of the most powerful tools in dealing with stress and anxiety. Scientific research and clinical evidence have
Developed by Russian doctor Konstantin Buteyko in the 1950s the Buteyko Method is a system aiming to restore the levels
Leaky gut is the result of structural damage in the intestines. With the gut permeability been compromised, most individuals experience
Headstand is an introductory inversion that can set the foundation for more advanced ones such as forearm stand and handstand.
While inversions in yoga get a lot of attention, partly due to how much practitioners stand out when performing them,
Without putting much thought into it, it is easy to claim that flexibility and strength are opposite qualities or even
Vitiligo (also called "leukoma") is an autoimmune condition where loss of pigment from areas of the skin result in irregular