Reformer Pilates

Transform your physique

With the help of the most innovative fitness equipment, you can become: injury-free, toned and flexible.

The uniqueness of the Reformer


Low Impact

Support your joints through pregnancy, injury rehabilitation or if you are returning to training after a long break.


Core Focused

No other form of training has been recognised for improving core strength so efficiently.


Active Flexibility

While yoga is fantastic for passive flexibility, you can improve your joints' mobility making them strong & flexible at the same time.

Areas of focus

Reformer Pilates Hampstead


Discover the perfect exercise companion for your pregnancy journey. Safely relieve lower back pain discomfort, strengthen your hips and shoulders, restore foot function while enjoying full-body workouts tailored to your needs. Embrace a healthier pregnancy and prepare for a fast recovery postpartum.

Yoga for injury recovery


Experience gentle yet effective rehabilitation with dedicated Pilates Reformer for injuries. Whether recovering from a recent injury or managing chronic pain, tailored workouts provide targeted support. Promote healing in a controlled environment while you progressively restore full function and resolve the problem long term.

Reformer Pilates and Yoga


Achieve the confident posture you've always wanted through specialized Pilates Reformer and complementary exercises. Target and strengthen key muscles to alleviate tension and enhance alignment. Improve mental clarity, quality of sleep, breathing and digestive health.

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Student's Google Reviews

Kate Rowsell
“Anastasis is tailoring our sessions to work the relevant areas I need, particularly focusing on how to protect my lower back and grow core strength.”
Korey Torres
Fan Yang
“Anastasis is such a great teacher. He is very knowledgeable, attentive and is tailoring the classes to my physical strength and my life style.”
Terry Dennis
Christina J-R
“He has been absolutely amazing in building my confidence and love for it. My strength and flexibility has improved drastically in such a short space of time due to his extensive knowledge and attentive teaching. I look forward so much to my classes with him every week”
Katy Gilmore


I am based in North London, 12 mins walk from Tufnell Park station and ~15mins drive from Swiss Cottage, Belize Park, Hampstead Heath, Hampstead Gardens, Kentish Town and Highgate. Our street offers easy pay as you go parking spaces for non-islington residents.

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