Pilates reformer Intro Offer

Practice the mastery of core strength and flexibility with private sessions focusing on your individual goals with reformer Pilates.

x3 Private sessions for only £149


Reformer Pilates Instructor, North London

Anastasis has been teaching reformer pilates since 2018 and is known for helping his older clients recover from knee and lower back and shoulder injuries and his young female clients achieve the hourglass body. He puts high emphasis on core, glute, and shoulder strength.

Long Spine long sequence Reformer Pilates
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What my students say:

"I have been taking Reformer classes with Anastasis now for a couple months. It was my first time attending such classes and he had been absolutely amazing in building my confidence and love for it. My strength and flexibility has improved drastically in such a short space of time due to his extensive knowledge and attentive teaching. I look forward so much to my classes with him every week and will recommend them to anyone who will listen! Thank you so much Anastasis!!!"
Christina John-Rockett
"I suffered with a radial nerve injury for months. Tried various physios and experts but made no progress. Started working with Anastasis and just a few weeks in I started to feel progress. Not only is he an expert in fitness, flexibility, yoga, breath work and nutrition, he’s also very generous with his knowledge. I can’t recommend him highly enough."
Amir Bazrafshan

Customized Reformer Pilates Sessions

Challenging Reformer Pilates Training sessions, tailored to your specific goals. You can tone your body, strengthen you core and improve your flexibility by taking advantage of the INTRO OFFER (available for limited time).

x3 Private sessions for only £149