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Your first 6 yoga exercises #YogaForBeginners


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Your first 6 yoga exercises course is a series of 6 videos covering 6 basic yoga poses with all the details one needs to know to:

  1. Practice safely.
  2. Develop a self-practice.
  3. Set the foundation for more advanced poses.


What you will get from this course:

The benefits of the 6 yoga poses as follows

Forward bend

  • Flexibility in your hamstrings, hips, calves.

Upward dog

  • Thoracic mobility, sensitive lower back

Downward dog

  • Shoulder stability, hamstring flexibility


  • Knee health, calf flexibility

Shoulder mobility

  • Shoulder & upper back flexibility


  • Hip flexibility

What’s Included?

Six videos covering the forward bend, upward dog, thoracic mobility, downward dog, squat, shoulder mobility, and lunge. Each video will teach you,

  • The key alignment principles to get the most out of each pose.
  • What to pay attention to in order to avoid injuries.
  • Progressions and regressions (when appropriate).

Please note, that upon completing your order you will be asked to provide the email address to receive this course. #YogaForBeginners