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Touch your Toes 2 weeks Training


Those that want to have a supple body need to invest 15 mins daily to work on their flexibility.





If you wish to improve your hip and hamstring flexibility this course will provide you with all the exercises you need to achieve that. The program is structured in such a way so that by allocating 15 mins daily you can progress towards your goal.


Why you need this course:

10 Exercises

  • Unfortunately you cannot improve your flexibility just by doing a single stretch. Your body is not one dimensional and there are many muscles involved in each movement. For this reason you will be performing a series of exercises with a few variations in order to achieve a comfortable forward fold.

2 Fascia release videos

  • Your fascia tissue can be a limiting factor in your flexibility goals. We will be covering some fascia release drills for that reason.

2 videos addressing the role of breathing

  • The way you breathe can prevent you from stretching efficiently. We will be covering how you need to breathe in order to amplify the effect of your stretches.

Ongoing Support

  • Receive all the support you need in this new journey. I will be personally answering any questions you have, through the comment sections of the instructional videos. You deserve to succeed in this endeavor.



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