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Breathe Right 2-week Course


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Breathe Right is a 2 weeks course, which will help you train your respiratory & nervous system towards breathing right when you are not conscious of your breath.

Good breathing is identified (in line with the Buteyko principles) by being:

  1. nasal
  2. soft
  3. rhythmic
  4. quiet
  5. diaphragmatic

What you will get from this course:

Access 10 Breathing Exercises

  • A series of exercises that will help you establish good breathing when you unconscious about it. In order to reinforce the new breathing pattern, regular practice is advised but depending on your current respiratory capacity this might be achievable within a few weeks.

Understand Breath’s Role in the ANS

  • Both through the videos that cover theory & the breathing exercises I am confident that you will establish and much deeper understanding of the interconnection between your nervous system and breath. The focus of all the exercises in this course is on calming the NS given that this is the ideal state to operate when there is no threat or urgency.

Develop a Breathing Practice

  • The theory is always fascinating, especially for those with an analytical mind. Yet we only understand something when we can apply it. This course will offer you with 10 exercises based on which you can develop a breathwork practice.

What’s Included?

  • 28 videos (delivered two at a time) over the course of 14 days via email
  • Access to me with any questions you may have about the material


You can improve the quality of your breath when you are not conscious of it!

Please note, that upon completing your order you will be asked to provide the email address to receive this course.