Online Group Classes

Tuesday :

Yoga • Foundations

Thursday :

Vinyasa Yoga

18:30-19:30 Uk

13:30-14:30 New York

20:30-21:30 Athens

January (focus of the week) 

W/c 4th: Psoas & Abs ( Video, Support material )

W/c 11th: Shoulder stability ( Video, Support material )

W/c 18th: Side flexion, Obliques, QL ( Support material )

W/c 25th: Thoracic spine mobility ( Support material )


In Feb:

Hip – Ankle axis ( Support material )


Investment :

Single class: £10 per person

Monthly pass*: £74

The concession rates are half price: £5 per person, £37 for the month.

*Those on the monthly pass can have friends, family, pets,… joining them if they wish. Basically, the monthly subscription is not per person but per terminal.

To register for a monthly membership or single class please get in touch so I can provide you with my bank details / Paypal link (for overseas transactions). 

Yoga • Foundations: Tue 18:30-19:30

Learn how to maintain a comfortable and healthy posture, with our comprehensive class that goes through the foundations of yoga giving you the perfect starting point to start exercising.

The focus of the class is often geared to improve flexibility in two commonly challenged areas: the hips & shoulders.

Tight hips are often the root cause of knee and lower back injuries while tight shoulders can cause neck pain and even headaches.

This will be a slow-paced class, open to complete beginners. Conditioning as well as mobilization drills will be covered to help ensure the long-term health of these joints. You can read more here. The use of ankle weights and small elastic bands is highly advised ( link ).

Vinyāsa: Thu 18:30-19:30

This is a fast-paced class for practitioners that want to advance their practice. There will be options offered for inversions and backbends to accommodate different levels of experience. There will be a strong focus on conditioning to bulletproof your spine and your core from a 360-degree angle.

The foundation of the class will be the sun salutation as taught in Ashtanga.

Inversions Workshops (Scheduled with Triyoga)

Comming up Workshops

Get comfortable being upside down. The purpose of the class is to help you overcome the fear of falling and learn how to balance on your head or your hands in a safe and structured way.

The class will cover :
• Mobilisation drills for the main muscles involved in inversions
• Progressive drills for headstands, forearmstands, and handstands
• Variations adapted to the participant’s biomechanic predisposition

Breathwork Masterclass – Coming Soon (message me to stay updated)

Merging the ancient practice of breathwork from the yogic tradition with the scientific-based approach of the Buteyko method, this class will give you the tools to improve concentration and hack your Nervous System.

In this class will learn how to :
• RESET your Nervous System when stressed, anxious or in a panic attack
• FOCUS your mind when feeling distracted
• BALANCE the 2 sides of your brain
• CLEAN your airways
• MEDITATE with the use of the breath

If you suffer from any condition (in particular neurological, cardiovascular or blood glucose related) please contact me to discuss if the class will be appropriate for you or you need private supervision. Some of the exercises covered will not be appropriate for pregnant women.