Oxygen Advantage Certification

This August (wknd 6/7th) you can become a Certified Oxygen Advantage instructor by attending the Advanced Instructor Training, run by Georgie and Anastasis.

The Advanced Instructor Training is a comprehensive breathing certification. It gives you the tools to teach essential functional breathing skills to clients with a wide range of needs and goals, including simulation of high altitude training proven to supercharge sports performance. By attending the course you will join the world’s leading breathwork expert, Patrick McKeown and a global group of OA Instructors currently working with:

• Pro athletes and military

• Recreational athletes adults and children

• Individuals recovering from chronic illness.

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Georgie & Anastasis will be joining forces this August to offer you all the knowledge and support you need in order to become a confident Breathwork instructor.

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Who is this course for?

This course is for those that recognise the importance of functional breathing during exercise and in everyday life. In this course you will:

• Enhance your knowledge of breathing physiology supported by the latest research

• Learn how to apply breathwork during exercise

• Practice the most fundamental exercises to optimise breathing

• Understand the role of breathwork in chronic illness

• Practice high altitude simulation breathwork to enhance sports performance

• Learn how female breathing differs from men’s

• Practice key breathing exercises to supercharge your pilates and yoga practice, by optimising breathing biomechanics.

What is special about this course?

This course is an opportunity to spend a weekend with Georgie & Anastasis, in-person at Light Centre Monument (in London) or Online, learn, practice, and get certified as an Oxygen Advantage instructor.

Georgie has developed the Breathing for Female course, showing women how to apply functional breathing principles in alignment with the reproductive hormonal cycle. Anastasis has developed the Breathing for Yoga course, adapting Buteyko Method’s principles in yoga and developing a synergistic system between the two.

What is the investment?

The course cost: £795. If you wish to pay in x3 installments of x275 contact us at anastasis@oxygenadvantage.com

Buteyko instructors, certified under Patrick McKeown, can attend at half price.

What do the course fees include?

• A spot on the Advanced Instructor OA Training running on Sat/Sun 6-7th of August at Light Centre Monument in London

• Access to the event online if you are unable to make the in-person training.

• Access to the recordings of the event

• Access to an additional Follow up Q&A Online session 11th of Aug 18:00-20:00 LDN 

• Physical and virtual copies of the instructor training manual

• A virtual copy of the athletes’ manual

• Marketing designs, images, and logos, to use on your own website and marketing

• Editable PowerPoint presentations to use in your own training sessions and workshops

• Exclusive discount on breathing equipment to support your training

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Who are your teachers?

Georgie Lawlor

Georgie Lawlor

Before I discovered The Oxygen Advantage®, I struggled with painful periods, debilitating anxiety in the days leading up to my period, headaches and fatigue, mainly caused by living an unsustainable life at a million miles an hour to the point where I was hospitalized for burn out.
Determined to find a solution for my pain and fatigue, I stumbled upon Patrick’s book, The Oxygen Advantage. Patrick opened my eyes to the fact that breathing is different for women. We aren’t just “small men.” Our hormones, bodies, and even the size of our nasal airways, are different.
I’ve spent the last two years getting more in touch with my menstrual cycle. The impact that’s had on my day-to-day life has been so profound, I feel compelled to help other women live more cyclically. To experience the shifts in all their glory.

Anastasis Tzanis

After servicing the Greek Special Forces as a paratrooper for 1 year, trading currency derivatives in New York and then London for 7 years, and picking up a couple of other dopamine-driven hobbies along the way; in 2009 I began studying yoga & nutritional therapy. During my time in the army and banking, I noticed how detrimental, operating long-term in a highly competitive environment can be. Stress is not a problem provided you know how to cope with it.

Since January 2012 I have been consulting individuals like my old self, following a multidisciplinary; scientific, and evidence-based approach. My mission is to help people reverse aging allowing them to tackle the most inspiring challenges.