Nutritional Therapy

The game of health is played in the kitchen.

You can allow: “your food to become your medicine” if you account in your nutrition the principles of Nutritional Science and your DNA’s make up. I mostly work with individuals diagnosed with autoimmune conditions or those undergoing cancer treatment.

The Plan

1. Assess

Identify your body’s biochemical imbalances through lab testing.

2. Practice

Adopt a dietary and supplemental protocol in line with your symptoms and lab tests. The primary focus will be the improvement of metabolic function.

3. Monitor

Re-assess your progress through tests.

Nutritional Consultations are structured as follows :

  • Review your current diet & identification of nutritional deficiencies
  • Order functional tests to identify hormonal, metabolic or microbial imbalances
  • Interpretation of the lab test results
  • Regulation of your blood sugar (with or without monitoring)
  • Initiation & progress of an intermittent fasting protocol tailored to your current diet/lifestyle
  • Annual revision of the functional tests to monitor the progress from the initial baseline
  • Ongoing support on the implementation of the protocol via text / WhatsApp
  • Interpretation of your DNA to identify [Optional] :
    • potential nutritional needs
    • predisposition to certain diseases


“I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. I was very depressed and start gaining weight. Contrary to my usual fit self I was overweight. Anastasis helped me feel better since our 1st consultation. Over the last few years I have visited him in London repeatedly and he always helps me get back on track.” Rania Shahin | Fashion designer

Why choose to work with me?

  • You can be assured that I will do all the necessary research needed prior to my recommendations, regarding your condition & current medication
  • Your recommendations will be based on your current diet & tailored towards your goals (I don’t have any pre-set protocols)
  • You will receive ongoing support during the duration of your work with me via text / WhatsApp
  • I have successfully managed to : (a) heal myself from IBS & (b) lose 9 kilos over 4 months using Intermittent Fasting only – the 2 main health problems I faced in my life.
  • I am committed to providing my clients with the best of knowledge so after graduating from the Institute for Optimal Nutrition in 2013 I continued my education focusing on nutrigenomics & cancer.
  • Personalized nutrition has reached new levels through nutrigenomics – the science which looks into your DNA to determine the diet most suitable for you. Our consultations can account for that if you decide to sequence your DNA.

“I came to Anastasis with concerns around my skin, weight and energy levels. Having been through a particularly stressful period, my vitiligo had started to spread and having found out I was homozygous for the A1298C MTHFR strand, I was also concerned about methylation and detoxification.

Anastasis was instrumental in helping me refine my supplements programme to achieve regimentation and through DNA testing is helping me understand how to proactively care for my health. In addition, I have lost a lot of weight and my energy levels have significantly improved.

I have worked with many wonderful health practitioners, some of them excellent but never come across someone quite like Anastasis. He has a winning combination of extensive knowledge and impressive research capabilities, high integrity and professionalism alongside a genuine caring attitude.” Anna | Entrepreneur