FreeBreathing Immersion

For those interested to deepen their breathing practice and understanding of body’s most vital function.

The what, Who, WHy...

Free breathing is a progressive system developed to help you breathe effortless and efficiently. It incorporates the principles of the Buteyko Method while addressing the breathing biomechanics on a musculoskeletal and fascia level. Due to the progressive nature of the system the free breathing exercises can be upgraded or downgraded to meet the individual’s respiratory ability.

This immersion will cover:

• Assessments of our respiratory capacity (biomechanics and biochemistry)

• Pranayama sequences in line with the Buteyko Method principles

• Meditation practices

• A breath focused yoga class

• A breath focused asana workshop

While the workshops will be practical, some theory will also be covered and there will be time for Q&A.

Why join?

Breathing happens intuitively yet for most people it is far from optimal. To improve one’s respiratory capacity takes usually much more than performing a few breathing exercises. In this immersion you will get the chance to:

• Practice the breathing exercises that can make a difference

• Understand the whole spectrum of factors that affect your breathing

• Work on your breathing biomechanics

• Be guided by 2 breathing teachers with combined 13 years of breathing teaching experience

• Receive a certificate of attendance

An Immersive Experience

The pre-requisites:

1. You must be able to hold your breath at the end of an inhalation for 35sec.

2. If you have ANY health conditions, you might not be eligible for this training. Please get in touch to confirm.

3. Similarly if you are pregnant, get in touch as there will be some additional prerequisites depending on your level of experience.

Your Teachers:

Anastasis will be the main facilitator of the course.

Ana Carvalho will deliver some pilates based work, meditation sessions and partner work.