What is Histamine?

Histamine is a hormone necessary for the function of:

?? the Digestive System
?? Imune System
?? Central Nervous System


“Anti-histamine drugs are often prescribed for asthma but also given to those with food allergies. While avoiding histamine containing foods might be necessary short-term it is not a long term solution.”


The Nutritionist Yogi / Opus23 : Histamine Report

Our Histamine report includes analysis of the genes involved in histamine metabolism & a graphic demonstration of the histamine pathway with the SNPs mapped on it.

The genes included in the The Nutritionist Yogi / Opus23 : Histamine Report are: HNMT, MAOB, NAT2, AOC1 (DAO), DDC, ALDH2

The report also calculates the algorithm:

?? of developing asthma, ADHD or Parkinson’s Disease from histamine


Resources on Histamine Intolerance


Sample Report