On this page, you can find information on events I am scheduled to teach and how you can book.


Sat 11th Jun 13:00-15:00 β€’ Handstand Workshop β€’ IRL β€’ @ Basis.London with Ana Carvalho β€’ Tickets

This workshop is for everyone starting out now or working towards a 20-sec handstand hold in the middle of the room or a straddle press. You can find some support material here.



Sat 13th Aug β€’ When hormones take your breath away! Lecture β€’ IRL β€’Β  Inside Out Retreat by Indigo Events β€’ Tickets



Oct β€’ Breathing for Yoga Teacher’s Certification Course β€’ Online β€’ with Patrick McKowen (founder of Oxygen Advantage)

Having taught 130+ workshops, in 8 countries so far I am confident that you, your work team, or your community will enjoy attending one of my seminars. To invite me for a seminar you can contact me directly.