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Creatine and pregnancy


(Updated : 27 May 2019)


Creatine is an essential organic acid with many functions in the body :

“Growing evidence supports the potential for creatine as an antioxidant, neuromodulator and key regulator of energy metabolism, to improve depressive symptoms in humans and animals, especially in females.” (Patricia A, 2013)

Creatine is very popular among athletes but due to its function as a neuromodulator and energy metabolism regulator it is not less important for future mothers.

The Seattle’s Children’s hospital screens women planning to get pregnant both for:

• GAMT gene SNPs (the GAMT enzyme is involved in creatinine production) &

• Healthy creatine levels (Braissant O and Henry H, 2008).


Is there a risk of Low creatinine levels during pregnancy?


Low creatine levels in the mother have been linked with:

• speech delay

• autism

• developmental delay

• movement disorders

• retardation

Low creatinine levels may be due to a series of issues such as low SAMe, blocked methylation, B12 deficiency, oxidative stress.


What are healthy levels of creatinine during pregnancy?


According to a study published in March 2019 (Wiles K., et al. 2019), healthy creatinine levels during pregnancy are :

1st trimester : 56-76 μmol/l

2nd trimester : 54-72 μmol/l

3rd trimester : 54-77 μmol/l

These levels are ~ 80% of the healthy levels in non-pregnant women.


Creatinine is one of the many pieces of the puzzle we should keep an eye on for an optimised pregnancy. Drop me a message to discuss the dietary and supplemental protocol a pregnant woman should follow.



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