Corporate Workshops & Trainings


are specialised talks on topics such as: Breathwork for cognitive performance, Stress-minimising lifestyle, Fasting & Anti-aging, Nutrition for mental health. The purpose of corporate wellness workshops are to educate but most important to ignite the interest of participants for a healthier life. 

They last: 45min – 3 hours.



are courses aiming to improve participants’ Cognitive, Metabolic and Postural function. The areas of focus are: mobility, nutrition, sleep, concentration and breathing. They last: 3 – 12 months.


The content of both workshops and trainings are tailored to the needs of individuals living busy lives and continuously changing schedules.


Companies I have worked with

Indicative Plan of a Day-long Offsite

Early morning Yoga practice

It can be followed by cold water immersion if a seashore, lake, or river is in close proximity.

After breakfast

Lecture on one of the following topics: Balanced nutrition, Fasting, Breathwork, Mental Resilience

After lunch

1-3 one-to-one consultations or specialised workshops: breathwork, mobility.


Each day involves up to five hours of teaching, consulting & lecturing. If you have specific requirements, I can provide a tailor-made package on request.