Corporate Wellness

Harness the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary approach to health & wellbeing.

Corporate TRAININGS & Workshops

The needs for mental health and physical wellbeing among employees doing cognitive work has become apparent in the last years. Some companies choose to “satisfy” the need with a yoga class every Thursday at 17:00 or a workshop on mental health week in May.

For those however that see corporate wellness as an asset, training and workshops will lead to reduced turnover and absenteeism, increase productivity and talent retention with a measurable effect on the bottom line.

The workshops/training sessions can be focused on a variety of subjects, such as improving sleep quality, boosting energy levels, managing anxiety, or enhancing creativity. To discuss how best I can assist your company book a discovery call.


Yoga schools, universities, summits and non-profit organisations can contact me for lectures. Topics I have lectured in the past include:

• breathwork for hormonal health, mental health, endurance /combat sports, in yoga/pilates

• nutritional therapy / fasting for mental health, hormonal balance, gut health. 

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