What are the big 🚩 of dysfunctional breathing?

There should be 2 sections here: one on the biomechanics of breathing and one on biochemistry. For now, you can see just the latter.

Symptoms related to dysregulation of breathing biochemistry

In a nutshellComments
NO is the hallmark of nose breathing[1] Cold feet/hands/nose [2] Cardiovascular problems [3] Erectile dysfunction [4] Athlete's foot [5] Brain fog [6] ADHD, concentration [7] Regular infections [8] Weak immune system
High CO2 tolerance is the cornerstone of cellular oxygenation[1] Catch yourself with your mouth open [2] Signs of acidity in your mouth: tooth decay, gums, reduced taste sensitivity [3] Yawning excessively [4] Sighing repeatedly [5] Wake up with a dry mouth or thirsty [6] Weird and tired [7] Inability to perform moderate aerobic exercise with mouth closed [8] Slow at healing from injuries [9] Very tense/stiff body [10] Low control pause [11] Low maximum breathlessness score