Breathing for Yoga

Breathwork Course  from Oxygen Advantage®

Jul 2023 | 7 ONLINE CLASSES | £995



(Time zone: London, Uk)

July 2023

Sat 15th 15:00-17:00

Sun 16th 15:00-17:00

Tue 18th 15:00-17:00

Wed 19th 15:00-17:00

Thu 20th 15:00-17:00

Tue 25th 15:00-17:00

Wed 26th 15:00-17:00

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During physical yoga practice and exercise, the breath supports movement and balance. Off the mat, it stays with you, breath by breath, day by day, impacting, informing, and inspiring your experience… and your life.

But without an understanding of how the breath works, you can’t fully access its myriad benefits. It’s challenging to reach your full potential. And it’s easy to develop unhealthy habits that increase risk of injury, for you and your students.

Who is this course for?

Yoga teachers, Pilates instructors and personal trainers all cue the breath. We instruct our students how to inhale and exhale, often with no clear understanding of a key idea — the impact external breathing has on the biochemistry, the chemical reactions inside your body.

What’s more, to get the most from any physical practice, you must learn to use the supporting muscles. Muscles you can’t see.

You must understand that the core is much more than just the abs, and that you can’t strengthen dysfunction.

Do you want to?

Take your practice to the next level.

Get confident in your scientific understanding.

Get a structure based on which you can support your client’s journey to better breathing safely.

Join the community of +130 instructors that have attended the course.

Understand the main 3 ideas that control breathwork.

Apply the theory in short assignments and training sessions.


What do the course fees include?

  • 7 live online training classes
  • Half-day retreat
  • The extended Breathing for Yoga Oxygen Advantage® Instructor Manual (PDF)
  • The Advanced Oxygen Advantage® Instructor Manual (PDF)
  • Access to the recordings of the full Advanced Oxygen Advantage® Instructors training with Patrick McKeown
  • 15 video training lessons with Anastasis
  • Support via WhatsApp during the course from Anastasis
  • Lifetime access to your online training portal
  • Lifetime access to all learning materials, including class recordings
  • Exam entry
  • Case studies submission and correction
  • Access to future live online masterclasses
  • Ongoing Zoom Q&A sessions for instructors (held monthly)
  • PowerPoint presentations to use in your own teaching
  • Marketing materials including certified logo

What are you learning?

  • How physical exercises can improve your breathing
  • Physical poses to increase the range of movement in your diaphragm
  • How to use breathwork to improve posture and enhance flexibility
  • The impact of Pranayama exercises on our body’s biochemistry
  • How to recruit your core using the breath
  • How to incorporate breathwork within a yoga, Pilates or fitness class
  • How to use breathing exercises and yoga postures to relax, increase concentration and boost energy
  • Which breathing techniques are suitable for different styles of yoga, or a Pilates class
  • How to practice traditional yogic breathing techniques in line with OA principles

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Oxygen Advantage Certification

What is special about this course?

The Breathing for Yoga course was developed in April 2021, adapting Buteyko Method’s principles in yoga and developing a synergistic system between the two. The course has continued to develop since and this is basically version 2.0. The background of all the participants until now has been impressive which makes this course very special.

Upon successful completion of your exam, you receive your Certification in Oxygen Advantage® Breathing for Yoga. This gives you the rights to trade as an Oxygen Advantage® instructor. Your profile will be displayed on our Instructor page, so that your information is available for client searches.


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Who is your teacher?

After servicing the Greek Special Forces as a paratrooper for 1 year, trading currency derivatives in New York and then London for 7 years, and picking up a couple of other dopamine-driven hobbies along the way; in 2009 I began studying yoga & nutritional therapy. During my time in the army and banking, I noticed how detrimental, operating long-term in a highly competitive environment can be. Stress is not a problem provided you know how to cope with it.

My 1st step in Breathwork started in 2016 when I got certified as a WHM instructor. As I still didn’t have all the answers I was looking for, in 2017 I start studying with Patrick McKeown. Since 2018 I have been delivering the breathing modules in yoga & pilates teacher training & facilitating workshops in Uk and internationally.

My vision:

Breathwork will become a big part of the medical, criminal rehabilitation & educational system.