Handstand Course Online, Intensive over 6-weeks

If you are eager to learn how to handstand, here’s a tip for you…immersing yourself into the practice with a few efficient drills can go a long way! The handstand intensive course is structured so that: (a) you can practice the relevant drills for your current skill set (b) receive ongoing support from me and updates on your progress as your practice evolves.

What do you get?

  • Access to the 6-week course, one-hour online session per week.
  • An individualised program which you will be asked to complete 3x a week. It should last for 30-mins (as homework).
  • Participate in a WhatsApp group for support, Q&A and feedback.

Pre-register right now for the handstand course and you’ll be notified when registration is open for the early bird price. Please be advised that there are limited places available for this course; register your interest now to avoid disappointment.

What’s it all about?

Handstanding can initially be a daunting project to pursue. I used to say that I would happily donate an organ to acquire this skill. There are people who can learn it within weeks and others, like myself, after several years of practice.

The best shortcut I know to perfecting the handstand, is by doing drills that condition the body in this unnatural position. Whilst I think the worst advice is to approach it like a game; if it was that easy every kid would be a master handstander!

This 6 week intensive course will give you all the tools, coaching and support you need to begin or perfect your handstanding journey.

Check out some of my former students…

What’s your commitment?

Prerequisites: you must be able to hold a plank for at least 1 minute in good form and kick up against the wall into a handstand before signing up. You’ll also need to submit two videos the weekend before the course starts: a handstand attempt against the wall and another one in the middle of the room.

Time: 1 hour per week for each of the online zoom sessions and a minimum of 3x 30 minutes per week to practice the homework training program.

Cost: You’ll be the first to know the early bird price by pre-registering.

Why should you pre-register?

Be first to know when registration is available.

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