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5 steps towards optimal health

5 Steps towards optimal health


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There are 5, logical in my opinion, steps towards optimising our health. Depending on where someone is with his/her health there may not be a need to go through all them. However the earlier steps have to be in place before one proceeds to the later ones.

1. Gut health and pathogen elimination

2. Cell/mitochondria membrane health & weight management

3. Methylation

4. Detoxification

5. Hormone and Neurotransmitter balancing

In the video attached I explain a bit about each step. Here are a 2 examples why it can be a waste of time or dangerous when this order is not followed.


Detoxification prior to weight losing weight

This is a classic. My guess is that “detoxification” is among the top 3 health related searches on google, together with “yoga leggings” and “one minute 6 pack routines”. No surprise some yoga teachers at the forefront of fashion call their classes detoxifying. Toxins can be both water and fat soluble. The fat soluble ones are stored in fat tissue (adipose tissue as well as bone marrow). When forcing someone’s detoxification process while overweight we are POTENTIALLY encouraging the release of many toxins in the bloodstream. In this scenario are the toxins going to cross the blood brain barrier making the person feel horrible and call it “healing crisis”?


Hormone balancing prior to methylation optimisation

Methylation is responsible for hormone production. Won’t you want to make sure there is water supply prior to fixing the bath tap?



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