Practice Yoga to balance your flexibility with your Strength

Yoga has endured the test of time for 1,000s of years, chances are it will work for you.

Anastasis aspires to help his students develop their physical practice and breathing capacity in a safe and progressive way. The impact of this is a profound increase in energy levels, emotional stability and a focused mind. On the physical aspect, Anastasis places a strong emphasis on fundamental movements which build a strong foundation, allowing for his students to advance their practice in a safe and predictable way.

The Plan

1. Assess

Identify your body’s primary imbalances and current respiratory capacity.


2. Practice

Prioritise your goals, determine the appropriate regularity and intensity of your practice.

3. Progress

Improve your flexibility and strength to support the movements relevant to you. Control your stress levels.

Certified in






Private classes are available for students in the following ares. : City of London, Belsize Park and Highgate.

They can be structured to improve one of the following areas :

• improve flexibility

• recover form an injury by strengthening the joint

• learn how to handstand or

• develop your practice holistically.

Anastasis is also a pilates (mat & reformer) teacher and tailors the class to the students’ goals and needs using free weights or other props (if needed).

Investment : ad hoc classes : £95, a block of 10 : £850




Wednesday 11:00-11:45 Vinyasa at Light Centre Moorgate
Thursday 12:00-12:45 Vinyasa at Light Centre Monument

“Anastasis is clearly a very skilled yoga teacher, strong and knowledgeable in other forms of exercise. My finance and I have now had around 12 one hour private sessions with Anastasis and we both really enjoy them and feel we have noticeably improved. Anastasis is a very patient and flexible teacher yet he moves the classes along at a good pace so that we always feel we are learning something new and challenging ourselves. We lead a very busy lifestyle and our sessions with Anastasis help us to clear our minds and feel relaxed. I would highly recommend him as a yoga teacher.” Rebeca Greenwood | Marketing Manager



Do breathwork to Control your brain

Because sitting down and doing breathing exercises is boring, incorporate breathwork to your daily activities.

Most people go through their entire life paying little attention to breath. Yet breath not only is synonymous with life but to a big extent controls the way our nervous system (mind) works as well as our metabolism. Learning how to breathe can improve your ability to:

• concentrate

• sleep

• perform in endurance sports

• deal with stress

“In just a few hours I understood how the breath and cold water can fire up the metabolism, increase mitochondria, brown fat and regulate hormones. This was all testament to the structure of the course and your delivery. Thanks to your encouragement and mentoring.” Melanie Hamilton | Actress

Visiting Teacher at