Stress & sedentary life cause stiffness and lead to injuries. If you practice a combination of yoga & breathwork you can beat stiffness and slow down ageing.

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The Plan

1. Assess

Identify your body’s primary imbalances and current respiratory capacity.


2. Practice

Prioritise your goals, determine the appropriate regularity and intensity of your practice.

3. Progress

Recover from injuries & develop a yoga practice long term.

I am probably not the best teacher for you if you :

  • are not interested in progressing in your practice and your goal is to just maintain your current level of flexibility, strength
  • think chakras and bandha activation is the reason you cannot handstand
  • believe there is a perfect alignment for each pose based on the believes of an Indian guru that doesn’t take into consideration your body’s patterns & limitations
  • are looking for some magical insights that I will provide you and you can then implement on your won without any need for further guidance, feedback or support

You are likely to enjoy practicing with me if you :

  • are willing to practice yoga poses (within a vinyasa sequence or individually) which will progressively be more challenging with the aim to improve your flexibility or correct muscular imbalances
  • are interested to identify your body’s main strengths and limitations in all directions the joints can move
  • are interested to learn which alignment is currently suitable for your body in the main yoga poses (ie. lunges, backbends, arm-balances)
  • want to recover within a few months (depending on the severity) from a lower back or shoulder injury
  • want to learn how to invert (ie. headstand, forearm-stand, handstand)
  • want to improve your breathing based on breathwork that has been researched & scientifically shown to enhance cellular oxygenation
  • are interested in getting ongoing support & feedback in your yoga practice via WhatsApp and a monthly progress report

Yoga has endured the test of time for 1,000s of years, chances are it will work for you.

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Private classes are available for students in the following ares. : City of London, Belsize Park and Highgate.

Investment : ad hoc classes : £95, a block of 10 : £850

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Wednesday 11:00-11:45 Vinyasa at Light Centre Moorgate
Thursday 12:00-12:45 Vinyasa at Light Centre Monument

Bi-monthly Workshops at TriYoga

yoga“Anastasis is clearly a very skilled yoga teacher, strong and knowledgeable in other forms of exercise. My finance and I have now had around 12 one hour private sessions with Anastasis and we both really enjoy them and feel we have noticeably improved. Anastasis is a very patient and flexible teacher yet he moves the classes along at a good pace so that we always feel we are learning something new and challenging ourselves. We lead a very busy lifestyle and our sessions with Anastasis help us to clear our minds and feel relaxed. I would highly recommend him as a yoga teacher.” Rebeca Greenwood | Marketing Manager

Not practicing yoga can :

  • Increase your risk of injury
  • Decrease the range of movement in the hip & shoulder joints (a common sign of ageing)
  • allow muscular imbalances to develop
  • contribute to poor coordination & low self-esteem
  • lead to reduction in spine articulation (often a contributing factor to lower back pain) 

Through yoga I promise you that you can :

  • help develop a sense of calmness & vitality
  • strengthen neuromuscular connections
  • improve your proprioception (esp. through inversions)
  • improve digestive health, mood & quality of sleep