From Greece to New York to London – Anastasis has serviced the Greek Special Forces and traded currency derivates – all while expanding his exploration of dopamine-pumping hobbies along the way. During his years in banking he noticed how detrimental stress can be on our bodies – leading to stiffness, early ageing and injury.

This led him to begin his yoga practice and studies in nutritional therapy in 2009 where he developed a wellness protocol different from everyone else. Through a combination of both traditional and innovative yoga modalities paired with the fundamentals of breathwork, Anastasis has created a holistic experience modelled bio-individuality for each of his client’s personal needs and goals.

His greatest influences are leading experts such as Wim Hof & Patrick McKowen, which led him to begin teaching breathwork at HotPodYoga and his awardance of a top yoga teacher in London by AboutTime magazine. With Anastasis’ full-time, reliable support and his achievable, individualised plan – you will feel better, look your best and make the life you want a reality.

On Media:

Feb ’19 @ Angsbacka Website interview

That’s the best description of my journey up to that point.

Sep ’18 @ The HappyBellyFish Podcast

We covered the therapeutic aspect of fasting, IF progressions and the evidence behind its benefits.

June ’18 @ The Chief Life Podcast

We covered Breathing, Stress resilience and how small lifestyle changes can have an impact in those of us living a Westernised lifestyle.

Apr ’15 @ The Medical LifeWire Article

I covered what genetic polymorphisms mean for our health and how sequencing our DNA can help us personalise our diet based according to our genetic make up.