Yoga. Breathwork. Nutrigenomics

Welcome, my name is Anastasis Tzanis; I am a yoga & breathwork teacher as well as a registered Nutritional Therapist. With a background in special forces and investment banking, I am fully aware that :

“Individuals (and companies) constantly striving for perfection are at risk of burnout. By applying yoga’s traditional practice and breathwork’s scientific findings you can excel both physically & mentally.”

You (and your work team), can expect an achievable, personalized protocol and full-time, reliable support throughout its implementation. Most of my clients have limited free time which raises the need for their program to be both simple and efficient.

In the yoga & breathwork sections of this site you can familiarise yourself with my approach and watch videos showcasing the work of some current students. During the Covid-19 pandemic my teachings have all shifted online. To schedule a session please fill in this form because this will allow me to understand best your needs.

Availability for Nutrition & Nutrigenomics consultations is currently (May 2020) limited. The best way to stay in touch with my research and offering of workshops is by signing up for my newsletter.

While the majority of my work is with individuals, I had a couple of opportunities to teach in retreats and off-sites of work teams.

Best yoga teachers in London : Anastasis

Organisations Anastasis is affiliated with

Organisations Anastasis is affiliated with

Ben Lynch about Anastasis

“Anastasis has done a lot of work and a lot of training and really get this (nutrigenomics).” Dr. Ben Lynch | ND and world expert in the field of Nutrigenomics, author of the book: Dirty Genes (Jun 15)